Published on May 14, 2024

GENEXT Bags Sampling

Our annual samplings pick up the young generations directly and immediately in their environment.

Around 976,000 adolescents and young adults were in education or training throughout Switzerland in 2021. Of these, 270,000 were studying. With the different bag versions of cashyou, GENEXT also skilfully reaches the desired target group offline with the samplings.

Young people develop new buying behaviour

The bags are aimed at young people and students, who could not be more exciting as a target audience. They are developing new needs and buying habits and are particularly price-sensitive. Therefore, they can be optimally addressed with product samples and coupons.

The high-quality cotton cashyou bag is filled with products, gifts, coupons and competitions that are perfectly tailored to the target group. By handing it out in cooperation with official organisations, you reach the target group authentically through trusted people.

Bags for the student organisations at the universities and universities of applied sciences

One target group – four bag versions

Between 2019 and 2021, we will inspire around 60,000 young athletes with our Sport Bags via university sports associations and SwissOlympic clubs with a wide range of products tailored to this young target group. It is not only the athletes who benefit. Brands that sample products can also benefit from a sustainable increase in customers. For example, Ovomaltine, which has been promoting its high-protein drink with the Sport Bags for the last three years.

Unique advertising

GENEXT also reaches around 80,000 students at Swiss universities of applied sciences and universities at the start of each semester with the WG-Bag. Tailored to the needs of the students, with products that they can use in everyday life or in their shared flat.

Since 2021, GENEXT has also offered a driver bag and a student bag. A circulation of 40,000 bags per year is distributed to various driving schools and educational institutions. These bags are handed out to prospective drivers between the ages of 17 and 24, as well as to students personally by the person in charge of the course or class.

The bag versions are therefore a unique advertising tool for reaching young people and students. And exactly when the need for your products exists.

Bag distribution at the driving schools