Published on May 21, 2024

Refreshment with Möhl Cider Clan

Spotlight: Our Cider Partner Möhl Cider Clan

Cross Channel Promotion for Cider Clan

We promoted our partner Möhl Cider Clan across various channels. We achieved direct presence with the target group through nightlife sampling at student parties, via two influencers, during BBQ week, in-app presence on the cashyou app and social media posts. Branding and awareness were the top priorities. As a benefit, students and young people could enjoy the taste of cider free of charge, as well as benefit from discounts and take part in competitions.

Influencer activations

The cashyou Ambassadors Lobsang Tadhey and Lukas Weilenmann authentically staged Möhl Cider Clan on their Instagram channels in order to give their community a taste of the refreshing ciders. The cashyou community won one „A cider a day for a year“ and one „Indiana SUP Family Pack“.

The cashyou Ambassadors Lobsang Tadhey and Lukas Weilenmann for Cider Clan


The history of the Cider Clan:

In 1950, the legendary high-trunk fruit tree felling campaigns were decided. The „conversion in fruit growing“ in the name of the Federal Alcohol Administration not only changed the entire Thurgau landscape.

The high trunk felling campaigns also brought together, among others, a group of independent cidermakers. Almost unnoticed, completely undisturbed and far away from all the publicity surrounding the felling operations, they founded an apple empire that was to flourish in the following years.

They called themselves the Cider Clan. At that time, only the closest circle knew who was actually behind it. That has not changed to this day. There is only one picture of the four founders, but they are hardly recognisable, and there is no proof that it’s actually them.

Today, there are still rumours on the grapevine: „In Switzerland, not a single apple leads past the Cider Clan!“