Published on March 6, 2024

The PILOT FriXion Clicker Pen in the cashyou bag

Staying true to one's own principles and yet opening up new avenues. PILOT achieved this thanks to the collaboration with our cashyou Bags.

The PILOT FriXion Clicker Pen, is a sustainable, refillable rollerball pen - 2022 Plumor-Novimex AG as general importer of PILOT was looking for a way to make the innovative pens known and to present them to the target group via a direct channel.

Through the cashyou bags, we can ensure exactly this in a targeted manner.

Sandra Grunauer Hungerbühler, General Manager of Plumor-Novimex AG, explains: "In 2022, our target was to convince the "young adults" of our "FriXion for the grown-ups". The goal was clear, the path absolutely had to fit our products: haptic, direct and sustainable."

"With cashyou as our partner, we stayed true to the three principles: the cashyou bags and our product, the PILOT FriXion Clicker, are haptic, they are distributed and used directly to the students and apprentices at the beginning of the semester, and they are sustainable because they are refillable and reusable."

"Thanks to the distribution of the cashyou Bags throughout Switzerland, as the general agency for PILOT, we have reached over 20,000 young people with our PILOT FriXion Clicker, the erasable rollerball for adults!"


"With cashyou, we have found a young and dynamic partner that suits us. cashyou offers the ideal platform for bringing the right product to the right target group while addressing important aspects such as sustainability and transparency. Together with cashyou, the PILOT pens accompany the young generation throughout their entire training period in a sustainable way!" says Sandra Grunauer Hungerbühler.